Technical Difficulties

Up through Chapter 1.13, which was almost the end of the first generation, I was running the Sims 3 base game with no expansion packs, and AwesomeMod. Then I installed the Late Night expansion pack on October 29. Immediately after installing it, I was prompted to update my game – I thought it was an update for Late Night, but it turned out to be for the base game (Update 1.42). After installing this, AwesomeMod no longer worked and caused the game to crash, so I removed it. I WAS still able to run the game and open the save file.

Now my save file seems to have been corrupted. This is a pretty big problem…for obvious reasons. The Battle family is gone. What am I to do?

Well, I already enjoy this legacy too damn much to give it up, but I conveniently ended it so that Rakenya is moving away to Bridgeport anyway. I’m going to re-create her as a Young Adult as accurately as possible, and then move her in with Mortimer, Arlo, and Sam. I’ll adjust the relationships accordingly, of course.

Going off the advice of my wonderful reader and fellow Legacy author Susan, I’ll be switching over from AwesomeMod to those of Twallan as soon as they are updated.

In the future, A. my save files will be backed up, and B. my Sims will be backed up as well. I’ve already received some positive comments on my Sims’ designs, so in the future, I may make them available for download….

  1. Oooh, I would love it if your Sims were up for downloading! But boo on corrupted save files…that sucks deeply. 😦

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